In going through another purge/organization of my home, I found this photo. I have no idea who this woman is. I do know the photo was taken in Kansas City, Missouri, around 1900. I’ve seen her face in a few other pictures but there’s nothing written on the back to identify her. Look at that hat! She would have fit right in at the Royal Wedding.

I’m lamenting the limitations of the digital age. How much of a description can you put in a file name? What happens when technology changes and you can’t access old photos anymore? They’re gone.

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  1. Wendy Ripp Bounan says:

    Love your websites, Ms Maeder, and your free thinking comments.

    When I see this photo, I feel as though I am seeing your Mother’s features in the face (based on your movie in which you insert a 30 second clip of her talking and then smiling)…..can she be a maternal relative??

    Just wondering.

    • Jo Maeder says:

      I think she’s someone on my mother’s maternal side of the family but I’ll never know who.

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