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Here’s what Maya Angelou had to say about the concept:

It is easier for me to trust people who read than those who talk, and even those who talk about reading. Writers need readers desperately and whether they know it or not, readers need writers desperately.

One hand washes the other. The aspect of one hand trying to wash itself is pitiful. But, when the two get together, Ah! There’s a possibility of success.

I support The BOOKUP and let us all say, “Here’s to The BOOKUP”!

Maya Angelou, April 7, 2011

THE BOOKUP Q&A with Jo Maeder

1. What is the BookUP?

The BookUP promotes “long-form reading in a short-form world.” It was inspired by the silent Reading Party in Seattle which has become very popular there. The idea is simple. People show up at a designated place that also serves drinks and food. Everyone sips, noshes, and reads to themselves. It’s B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Book)

2. What made you decide to do this?

I’m truly saddened by the number of times I hear people say “I never read books.” Or “I just don’t have time to read a book.” Everyone seems to have time to tweet, blog, post, text, email and yak on cell phones.

And I’m just as guilty!

There’s nothing like reading a book, being transported into another world. It enriches the mind and soul. I thought, maybe if reading a book – an act that’s usually seen as solitary and private – became a social event, who knows? People might read more.

3. Many schools set aside time for students to read to themselves as a group. Is The BookUP the adult version of that?

Yes, in a way. I heard that one school calls their reading time “Stop. Drop. Read.” Sounds like something from a cop show, doesn’t it? The atmosphere of the Reading Party in Seattle has been described as kind of sexy. You have to experience it yourself.

4. Do people with a glass of wine in hand really just sit there and read a book?

Sure, people talk. But at some point everyone quiets down and just reads. In fact, studies have shown that a little background noise often helps you concentrate better than silence. We also supply earplugs.

5. Can anyone have a BookUP?
Absolutely. I’d love to see the idea spread. They can be done anywhere, anytime. The possibilities are endless.

6. How can people find out when the next BookUP will be?
Check the Facebook for The BookUP.

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Blog about the first BookUP:

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Interviews about The BookUP:

WFDD/NPR affiliate on The BookUP

David Ford, host of Triad Arts Up Close on NPR affiliate WFDD, puts his signature music-mixed-with-talk touch on The BookUP.

(Aired May 23, 2011)





WMAG Interview

Triad morning stars Rod Davis and Lora Songster on WMAG (99.5FM) had me on to talk about The BookUP, but the far more entertaining reason to listen to this is their opening exchange over Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” Comet and grits anyone?

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